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Banana Kills Poster


An enormous banana tries to lure the man to play with him. The man cannot resist the temptation even if he knows he will be killed by the woman who always appears in his head when he plays with the banana. After stroking the banana and having a lot of fun, the man's penis finally explodes. He lies on the ground till his blood drains out, regretting not holding back his sexual impulse.


"Banana Kills" is a horror short focusing on the internal battle between a man and his penis. It is the fifth version of "Banana," and the four-year process of making the short captures the most intimate struggle a man could've had. Everything began with a rotten banana and a bottle of fake blood on the bookcase in a college dormitory, Yiqing, where I decided to shoot a passion project based on the props left from my previous shorts, "An Appointment" and "Nightmares." The original was about a sex dream that went wrong. Then, it turned into a story concerning patriarchy. Not until I conquered fear did I dare to reveal my addiction to masturbation and my suffering from the guilt of filthy sex dreams. I knew the nightmares required an instant outlet. Therefore, "Banana Kills" came to the world.

--- Hungyu Henry Kuo

Banana Kills Still 01
Banana Kills Still 02
Banana Kills Still 03
Banana Kills Still 04
Banana Kills Still 05
Banana Kills Still 06
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