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Abandoned in a trash bag immediately after birth, Belle grows up in discarded remnants. Her life turns dramatically when a familiar scent lures her back to her origins to discover her biological family. Belle is confronted with her oppressed mother, abusive father, and infant-like brother. She chooses to remain an unseen spectator and retreats to her imaginary boyfriend, an inflatable doll who does not speak. Suffering from loneliness, Belle emerges from her hideaway and reunites with her family at daybreak.

The shocking confession from her mother -- that Belle's birth was meant to end in death -- triggers a profound transformation. The mother is empowered, the father turns into a dog, and the brother grows. Belle culminates in the protagonist's realization that her mere existence catalyzes change. She discovers the inconstant flash of beauty hiding in human nature and decides to go on a journey to explore the world she has never seen before.


"Turn" is a fantasy exploring how humans find their authentic selves in the messy world. Living in a landfill, we are all scavengers. Some people see trash, and others discover treasure. We hurt each other with hate or heal each other with love. Who are we between heaven and hell? The color lies in the middle of black and white. Wandering day after day, if we dare to believe the decision we made, an object, a person, or a memory will emerge somehow and force us to turn into what we are supposed to be.

Family is a microcosm of society. "Turn" starts with a family tragedy, leading to a happy ending. A visit from the ghost of the daughter who is murdered by her mother triggers a chain effect on each member of her dysfunctional family, helping them find a balance in their natures. People come to the world to lose themselves. Before being reborn, we set foot on a journey of salvation to meet all the lost souls like us. We talk, fight, shed tears, joke a little, burst into laughter, and keep each other company till we finally grow up and grow apart. It is cruel but beautiful. Life is beautiful.

--- Hungyu Henry Kuo

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