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In the afterlife, a brave girl bumps into the penis she severed from the man who raped and murdered her. The strangest conversation unfolds between two broken hearts, one with rage and prejudice, the other with guilt and unspeakable bitterness. The quest to understand each other's opposing perspectives unexpectedly leads them to find true love.


"Resurrection" is a unique blend of romance, horror, and comedy, devised to challenge societal misconceptions and celebrate love. It examines the oft-stereotyped notion that the penis dictates men's sexual cognition, positing that men control their physical impulses instead. The film acknowledges the existence of ill-intentioned men, yet it emphasizes that not all are the same, with some proving worthy of love.

The creation of "Resurrection" was initially driven by my personal experiences. One such incident involved being caught by my mother while viewing pornography, leading to a harsh punishment with a rattan cane. I've also contended with past romantic partners who believed I was in relationships purely for sexual gratification. These experiences filled me with guilt, casting a shadow over my perception of sexual desire, even though I understand that such a longing is natural. By creating "Resurrection," I aimed to explore these complex emotions, challenging societal attitudes towards sexual desire and encouraging a healthier conversation around it.

Moreover, I wish to dedicate "Resurrection" to my dearest loved one, Sun. She guided me toward embracing my true self without shame or hesitation. In honoring her, this film is a testament to the transformative power of love and self-acceptance.

--- Hungyu Henry Kuo

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