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A man exposed to COVID-19 needs to stay inside an isolation hotel for a week due to regulations of the Taiwan government. When the time passed, loneliness occupied his mind. He falls in love with the pillow that accompanies him day by day.

After the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government informs the man of de-isolation, he soon finds himself unable to bear the sadness caused by leaving the pillow alone. Therefore, he decides to stay positive.


"Stay Positive" is a horror romance short exploring the topic of solitude. The COVID-19 pandemic caused severe social and economic disruption around the world. Many were quarantined and separated from their families, loves, and friends. People are forced to learn to be with themselves despite being social animals. I wrote and shot the film during my seven-day quarantine period in Taiwan in 2022 to restate the strange feelings in my mind. Entering the isolation is terrifying, but so is leaving. Staying positive is always the best option in life.

Recalling the day I got quarantined, terrible thoughts regarding my relationship kept growing in my mind. Therefore, I wrote a story, "Stay Positive," about a man falling in love with a pillow. It sounds strange but feels authentic. Even though I don't know if staying positive is right in this era, I'm willing to die trying because someone must preserve the tradition.

--- Hungyu Henry Kuo

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