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落山餘燼 (敬請期待)

貳零貳五 | 黑色喜劇 | 長片電影 | 數位 | 彩色 | 美國



Angels Near Death (Coming Soon)

2025 | Dark Comedy | Feature Film | Digital | Color | US

In the City of Angels, six eccentric strangers cross paths after near-death experiences, interweaving the journey of love, death, and the human spirit.



2023 | Fantasy | 10 mins | Digital | Color | US

A girl dumped by her dysfunctional family has grown up in a trash bag. She tears the bag open and crawls back home to face her oppressed mother, abusive father, and infant-like brother to find peace.

Turn Title


2023 | Fantasy | 4 mins | Digital | Color | US

After waking up in the afterlife, a girl runs into the penis she cut off from the rapist who murdered her. Their encounter turns out to be a fairytale with a happy ending.

Resurrection Title

Stay Positive

2022 | Horror | 2 mins | Digital | Color | TW

After the Department of Health, Kaohsiung City Government informs the man of de-isolation, he struggles between leaving the room or staying forever with his secret lover.

Stay Positive Title

Banana Kills

2019 | Horror | 3 mins | Digital | Color | TW

In order to survive, a man must try his best to resist temptation from a malicious banana.

Banana Kills Title

Study Hard

2018 | Horror | 1 min | Digital | Black and White | TW

After a teenager senses someone is watching her in the dark, she must continuously study single-minded to stay alive.

Study Hard Title
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